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Pelagos Discovery

Discover the cetaceans of the Mediterranean and the Pelagos Sanctuary at the Bordighera Tourist Port

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Pelagos Discovery


Pelagos Discovery was born from the idea of "meeting" the cetaceans of our seas, discovering their habits and curiosities.

Along the intermediate level of the breakwater of the tourist port of Bordighera, one after the other, life-size silhouettes, on a scale of 1:1, of the eight species of cetaceans that live in the Mediterranean Sea, are interspersed with information panels with text content in three languages (Italian, English, and French), infographics and photographic images.

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Pelagos Discovery

The Pelagos sanctuary

The Pelagos Sanctuary for marine mammals, established in 1999 by Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco, is the largest marine protected area in the Mediterranean Sea and extends for about 87,500 km2 between Tuscany, French Provence and Sardinia.

This stretch of sea represents one of the richest areas in the entire Mediterranean basin, where the highest concentration of cetaceans in the Italian seas has always been found and where the most important feeding site of the fin whale is identified.

The Pelagos sanctuary

Discover the cetaceans of our seas